Presenting “Curmudgeons Of Rock,” The Best/Most Ridiculous CMJ Panel Of All Time


CMJ is next week, in the likely event that snuck up on you, so as you map out your schedule (factoring in Friday’s Marnie Stern-starring Voice day party, of course), note also the finest panel of the week, going down Wednesday at 2 p.m. It is called “Curmudgeons of Rock.” I am involved. I did not know it was called “Curmudgeons of Rock” when I agreed to get involved.

Concept: “Is the music press too soft today? Not according to these ruthless critics who never mince words or beg to win favor.” Said ruthless critics include a veritable cornucopia of friends-of-SOTC, including Maura Johnston, Sean Fennessey, Charles Aaron, new New York scribe Nitsuh Abebe, and Michael Tedder. Before you ask: Yes, Weingarten was supposed to be involved, but he’s prancing off to Finland or some bullshit. No idea what we’ll talk about it, but I guarantee that everyone will be crabby. Here’s all the pertinent info; please note that questions about chillwave are expressly forbidden.

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