Ticked-Off Trannies Open In Theaters


Israel Luna’s Ticked-off Trannies with Knives is the grindhouse homage about a group of transsexual club performers who get hit with acts of psychotic rage and carefully seek their revenge.

The film made a huge brouhaha when GLAAD tried to get it pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival even though, as I later pointed out, it’s a wildly pro-transsexual, anti-bigotry flick that should get a GLAAD award.

Later on, I ran into a transsexual liaison from GLAAD–the very one who had objected to the movie.

“Transsexuals are not entertainers!” she screeched at me, incensed.

Really? None of them? Glad I’m not a transsexual, if that’s the case.

“We’re not here to entertain for a gay man,” she went on, meaning Israel Luna, I guess. “And you compared one of the stars, Willam, to Candy Darling. Well, Willam is a drag queen and Candy was a transsexual! We’re tired of having our history obliterated!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I replied. “But guess what? Candy Darling was an entertainer! For a gay man (Andy Warhol)! And now you’re citing her as a beloved icon whose image upholds your rules?

“And GLAAD also complained that the way the transsexuals in the movie had cute or punny names was more drag queen than transsexual. Well, “Candy Darling.” Hello?? Or how about my friends Dina Delicious and Allanah Starr? Do they not exist?

“Why don’t you admit that you’re the ones building up lines between different facets of the community, and that a transsexual in actuality can be all sorts of things! There are no rules other than to be yourself and be responsible! And if it takes being tasteful to be part of the LGBT community, then I want out!”

Actually, I only said some of those things. I would have said the rest, but she was talking over me like a Mack truck–and it was entertaining.

Anyway, the movie will open soon in various cities, including New York.

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