Art Stunts: Cooper Square Park Exponentially More Strung Out Than Usual Today


Not entirely sure who’s responsible this — the most readily available culprits are the Rainman-esque “genius” children of Cooper Union — but someone actually took the time to tie several pieces of bright orange string to the tipped-gate of Cooper Square Park, then run them down the length of the park, and tied the string off at the north end of the park, by the benches. Both the actual junkies as well as the junkie-looking Village Voice writers who frequent Cooper Square Park during the day are — if not visibly, profoundly confused — generally keeping away from it today.

It’s like a DIY Jean Claude’s Gates, or something! Except it doesn’t look officially sanctioned in any regard. Also, if this is Cooper Union’s idea of a “freshman prank,” it’s certainly a disappointing one. Can’t they at least steal the Astor Place Cube, or something?

This has been up since this morning, and has yet to go down. If you know anything about it, it has now piqued this blogger’s curiosity, who will assure your anonymity with any tips that come in regarding it.

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