Glenn Branca Will Premiere His Next Guitar Symphony At (Le) Poisson Rouge Next Month


“I’m not out there to build an audience,” no-wave guitar-symphony deity Glenn Branca told us earlier this year. “I’m 61 years old, for fuck’s sake. But still … to the day I die … I am gonna be writing music.” He wasn’t kidding. Can we interest you in the world premiere of his next symphony?

Verily will Symphony No. 15, bearing the characteristically combative title “Running Through the World Like an Open Razor,” premiere at (Le) Poisson Rouge November 20-21, featuring suitably insane proportions (100 instruments played by a 12-person ensemble) sure to serve as a splendid pre-Thanksgiving palate-cleanser. Tix are on sale now, flier is below. Buy earplugs now so you don’t forget.

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