Harold Dieterle Observes That Some Top Chef Contestants Are TV Whores


Harold Dieterle took some time recently to speak with Zagat Buzz about Kin Shop, the Thai restaurant he opened on Monday. And while what he has to say about straying from the traditional “pick your dish, then pick your protein” model is interesting enough, what’s more thought-provoking — if sadly unsurprising — is his observation that being on Top Chef really screws up a lot of contestants:

It’s interesting, because some of them call me, and they don’t really have a game-plan about what they’re going to do when they get out. Some of them just want to do TV. Most of them don’t even work in restaurants anymore – they just become obsessed with seeing themselves on TV and that’s what they want to do.

Although you could argue that anyone who would willingly make themselves prisoner to the reality TV military-industrial complex is a little screwed up to begin with. If last week’s episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts taught us anything, it’s that some kinds of crazy just can’t be faked.


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