Has Breakfast Pizza Jumped the Shark?


It makes perfect sense as a breakfast food: eggs, bacon, cheese, all baked together on top of fresh dough. And pizza makers are taking note: Motorino’s Pizza Al’Uovo was so popular at the Brooklyn location that it was brought over to the Manhattan branch. 57 Napoli Pizza e Vino makes four different breakfast pizzas, including the Carne with sausage, prosciutto, and other Italian meats. Pulino’s also has a four pies-strong breakfast pizza section of the menu, featuring the omelet-y Patate, with eggs, potato, sausage, mozzarella, fontina, and green onions. Even Domino’s is testing egg-and-cheese pizza with optional bacon.

The latest pizzeria to jump on breakfast bandwagon is the newly opened and already acclaimed Donatella with its Hangover Pizza, part of the new brunch menu launching this weekend. It certainly sounds like it’ll cure what ails you: buffalo mozzarella, sausage, basil, lardo, and an egg, sunnyside up. So, yes, breakfast pizza probably is about to jump the shark. But we aren’t complaining about it just yet.



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