Joan Collins Complains About Today’s Ugly Actresses


Movie star-turned-Dynasty-bitch Joan Collins has railed against today’s crop of movie actresses, whom she feels aren’t anywhere near as beautiful as those in the old days.

As Collins told a British interviewer, “When I was young, everybody onscreen was gorgeous.

“There aren’t that many good-looking actresses around today.” (Though she nobly concedes that Angelina Jolie is pretty smokin’.)

To which I reply:

Well, Joan, back in your day, women were often used as props, attractive visions to brighten up the otherwise uninspired landscape of rather flat films.

That still happens today, of course, but there’s also been more of a move toward women who can really act, not just pose around looking slinky.

I’m not saying you can’t act — I love you, Joan; I’m even in your boxed set — it’s just that we should rejoice every time an unattractive woman is spotted onscreen because it means she was chosen for her talent!

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