Naked Hypocrisy: Carl Paladino’s Roger Stone at the Gay Pride Parade


By Brianna Strange and Samantha Cook

Carl Paladino questioned Andrew Cuomo’s decision to take his daughter to New York’s Gay Pride parade. Is that because Paladino knew that one of his top campaign advisers, Roger Stone, would be there exhibiting NC-17 behavior?

While Paladino apologized for his recent anti-gay statements — “I am neither perfect, nor a career politician” — Stone posed for the cameras in NYC’s 2010 Pride parade. A torrent of pictures and commentary lays out Stone’s position: shirtless, manicured chest hair, eyebrows raised, and welcoming the tongue of a topless woman into his right ear. The picture is deceptive, though, because her naked nipple is not actually pressed against Paladino’s right-hand man — the woman thought to wear pasties.

Paladino may say he’s not a career politician, but Stone has enough feel for the crowd to guide him. But if Stone dabbles in the types of activities that fill his ears with tongues and his hands with breasts, should Paladino take his advice? Stone clearly has a lot on his hands.

He’s juggling the role of advice-giver for Paladino with the services he provides to Kristin Davis — the Kristin Davis, a.k.a “Madam” to her advisees, whose work gave former governor Eliot Spitzer a bad reputation. Davis is also running for governor of New York. Stone is her campaign manager. While at the parade (apparently to show his support for Davis), a shirtless Stone took the opportunity to whisper sweet nothings to the bare breast of Kat Fortra, who specializes in “foreplay training”. Maybe she was giving Stone some tips?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 13, 2010

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