College radio is a godsend for the burgeoning leftists in college, the kids who crave both reinvention and acceptance after spending four years hiding behind Kinks and Blonde Redhead album sleeves in high school purgatory. It’s an environment that bursts with creativity and brings young impulses to their fruition, and its DJs never leave the sticker-plastered walls exactly how they arrived—so for all this, we thank our own university station (KCPR 91.3, what!) and appreciate the College Music Journal‘s annual marathon, even if its sudden undergrad influx does clog our commutes below 14th Street. Tonight offers, fittingly, one of the CMJ festival’s more eccentric shows, the Paw Tracks label showcase featuring experimental noisists Excepter, lo-fi rockers Cloud Nothings, and ukulele-wielding pop teddy bear Dent May, Mississippi’s warbling answer to Jens Lekman. There’s weird, wonderful science to be found in the airwaves tonight.

Thu., Oct. 21, 7 p.m., 2010