Starbucks Lines About to Get Longer; Can Food Psychology Help Kids Eat Better?


Starbucks is telling its baristas to slow down and focus more on the artistry of making coffee drinks, such as steaming milk for each drink individually instead of by the pitcher, which you can expect to result in longer lines at the counter.
[Wall Street Journal]

A group of bakers in Krakow are lobbying to have the European government recognize obwarzanek, a bagel-like bread, as a unique product of origin.
[Wall Street Journal]

This week’s World Food Prize symposium in Des Moines will focus on agricultural issues and what can be done to fight hunger worldwide.

The USDA has agreed to give food behavior scientists $2 million to study ways to use psychology to improve kids’ public school lunch choices.
[Mother Nature Network]

Meanwhile, if you really want to know what school lunches are like, ask a kid, like this one fifth grader who deemed her cafeteria lunch program “barf-worthy.”
[NY Post]

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