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This Week in the Voice: New York’s Finest Cover-Up


An “obstruction of justice” is typically reserved for, well, criminals. In New York, however, we aspire to “greater” things. Like when a bunch of drunk cops beat up a cabbie, another cop tries to stop them, and the cop who attempted to preserve peace and justice in stopping them gets cuffed, and detained by said drunk cops. It gets worse. Village Voice staff writer Graham Rayman reports on New York’s Finest Cover-Up.

Elsewhere in News, we’re finding the covers being pulled off the truth:

  • ” Excellent Home Care Services.” Sounds pleasant enough, right? No, not so much, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading about it here. As Tom Robbins notes, these guys are crooks, are stealing a lot of money. From taxpayers, from the elderly, and from the infirm. Robbins reports on The Sick Looting of Home Health Care.
  • Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto has blind items about basically everyone in New York this week. What, does he just keep all this stuff in his pocket? This is kind of unreal. The name of his column this week is Blind Items About Abortions And Trannie Chasers! You can only imagine, but the thing is, you really can’t.

In Food this week, our crew is uncovering generally good things to eat. Or at least warning you what not to:

  • Just one review this week, but it’s a massive one: Voice food critic Robert Sietsema files on the new Batali restaurant inside Eataly, Manza. If you think it’s Italian, and will be talked about often…well, you’re right.

In Film, we’re finding people doing old things in new ways:

  • Clint Eastwood’s new Oscar-bait has him directing Matt Damon as a psychic and a giant tsunami in the first five minute of the film. Is there anything else to it, though? Legendary Voice film critic J. Hoberman gives us the sweet — and sour — on Hereafter.
  • You know who else put in a bid for Oscar Bait? Incidentally, Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby herself, Hillary Swank. Tony Goldwyn directs Swank in Conviction, as a working-class mother trying to exonerate her brother. Melissa Anderson reviews it.
  • Want to see a five and a half hour gangster movie by French director Olivier Assayas? What about a two and a half hour gangster movie by French director Olivier Assayas? You can do both, but you might want to do either? Carlos is here. Rob Nelson reviews it.
  • Elsewhere in film, a “culinary horror” film called Bitter Feast at IFC; a father-son kingpin duo in Down Terrace, soccer doc The Two Escobars, and more.

All that, plus more Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Michael Musto, Free Will Astrology, and Dan Savage. And then some.

Here at the Voice, we keep nothing covered-up. Not that you’d know if we did.


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