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Update: The Last Miner Is on His Way Up! And Other Chilean Miner News


Hey, what’s going on with the Chilean miners right now? Because you know this is all you’re going to be talking about at that cocktail party/dinner at home/after-work drinks sesh with your buds. Be the one with the info that matters!

  • Just before 9 p.m., the very last miner, Luis Urzua, is beginning his ascent to the surface.
  • The Don Juan of miners, a/k/a, Yonni Barrios, whose wife met his mistress (awkward!) at a vigil at the mine, has reached the surface as well, without altercation. One woman met him, although it’s not currently known whether she was a wife, mistress, sister…or total random. (Probably one of the first three, since they were the only three with clearance to meet him.) His wife had said she wouldn’t be there, so maybe it’s the sis or the mis — Gawker says the latter. Anyway, it all went down pretty peaceably and happily, which just gives the Chileans more cred. Americans would have Maury Povich’ed it out, we think.
  • From CNN, this is the one of the sweetest in a day of sweet stories:

Nearly 19 hours since his brother became the first rescued miner, Renan Avalos emerged from rescue capsule and fell into the arms of his wife.

The two embrace for a good long time, and can’t seem to pull away from each other. They do for a moment, and then return to each other.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the remaining 9, the last of whom will hopefully win a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. And also, of course, be out of the hole.

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