A Photo of Gerard Butler


Well, not really.

It’s actually a shot of DJ/writer Anita Sarko and myself, taken the other night at a gala movie premiere party.

But when Clint Spaulding from Patrick McMullan’s photo company shot it, the promoter got antsy on the behest of Gerard Butler, who assumed the camera was aimed at him.

You see, you weren’t supposed to take photos of Butler until later. (Yes, big names love going to high-profile premieres so as not to be photographed. It’s part of the wacky fun of being a celebrity!)

The crazy thing is, Butler was hanging out somewhere to the side of us and he wasn’t in the frame at all!

When poor Clint was chided for his transgressive act, he explained that he was actually capturing the fans of the op, not the Phantom of the Opera!

Don’t worry, Gerard.

No one will ever photograph me again, so you’ll be fine.

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