Burger King’s Foray Into Pillow Cases is Strange — But Is the Commercial Intentionally Gay?


Please move over, dear, you’re snoring.

Well, the new South Park episode last evening featuring parodies of Jersey Shore and Housewives of New Jersey was not quite as funny as we’d hoped. In fact, it was almost upstaged by a Burger King commercial which is apparently almost brand new.

If this guy wasn’t so dweeby, he’d be hot.

The commercial in question features a 30-something guy in his pajamas just about to hit the hay. He contemplates dreaming about the new BK breakfast menu he’ll be enjoying the next morning. To assist him in doing this, he has a pillow case thoughtfully printed with pictures of the breakfast selections, including the BK Breakfast Bowl we analyzed last week.

As you watch, mild amusement turns to incredulity, as you discover that Burger King is actually selling these pillow cases via mail order, for the seemingly reasonable price of $5.99 (though the commercial fails to mention such things as composition of the fabric, thread count, or country of manufacture). When you go to the url flashed on the screen (, it immediately flips you to ebay, where the pillow case is indeed for sale at the suggested price – but with $2.83 “shipping and handling” tacked on.

Oh, yeah, and the seller is identified as the Burger King corporation, and we learn that 4,450 idiots have already bought this doubtlessly uncomfortable bit of bedding.

If that isn’t enough to give you nightmares, when the guy is actually nodding off, he’s using the other side of the pillow case, which features the life-size face of the Burger King, whom the protagonist seems to be cuddling up to. As Cartman might say, “Dude, that is so gay!”

Maybe that conjecture isn’t so far from the truth, when you consider the bounce McDonald’s got out of its gay TV commercial, broadcast only in France.

This is just plain weird!

Click through for the entire commercial, and an earlier one, too.


And take a peek at this earlier commercial:

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