Converse Is No Longer the Only Studio Offering Free Recording Time in Brooklyn


Well, that didn’t take long. Impose brings word today that they’ll be setting up a rival studio to Converse’s Rubber Tracks, the controversial free, corporate-sponsored recording space that is set to open in Williamsburg some time in the not-too-distant future. This after a long exegeses about selling out and pornography (?!): “Whereas Converse has taken a crappy-looking warehouse and put a state of the art recording studio inside of it, we’ve taken a state of the art house and put in a crappy recording space,” Impose’s Derek Evers writes. (We should mention here that another Impose employee, Jeremy Krinsley, also does some work at the Voice.) Apparently, they really mean it.

The Impose guarantee:

Like the Converse model, we will not own any of your material. We only own the first right of refusal to exclusively license it. In essence, it’s ours unless you suck. Just kidding. We’ll tell you beforehand if you suck, thus saving us both a lot of time. But we will promise you a line of your own cassettes on the Impose Records label. Now is your chance to be associated with a brand that is your equal. Because if corporate brands are the elite 2%, we obviously represent the other 98%. Won’t you join us comrades?

So, if you’re following, if they deem you worthy, you get a free recording session, a cassette release, and, Evers goes on to specify, a floor to sleep on while you’re doing all this. What your music will sound like after a brush with their recording studio and the ensuing tape-dubbing machine is not specified, but I do believe there is a bit of a vogue in Brooklyn right now for things that sound a bit lo-fi, so many it’s more of a savvy decision than you know? Either way, between this and The Imposition, you gotta give these guys credit for bitterly fighting any and all incursions on their turf. Next Radiohead, you now have a tough decision to make.

Sell out with Impose! [Impose]

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