CVS to Pay $77.6 Million for Accidentally Helping People Make Meth


Poor CVS. Not only does everyone in New York pretty much prefer Duane Reade (not that there’s really a choice), now the drugstore-er is being slapped with (a/k/a, has agreed to pay) $77.6 million in fines and returned profits because they allegedly improperly controlled a substance used to make meth — namely, pseudoephedrine, which you likely have lying around the house in your sinus medication, or perhaps in your meth lab.

Meth traffickers, who no one can say are not wily, got their hands on the stuff in large enough quantities to raise meth production overall in California. Quite a feat.

This is the largest civil penalty ever paid under the Controlled Substances Act, and CVS shares have slipped nearly 2%, accordingly.

Meanwhile, all of the not-so-smart meth makers are slapping their foreheads as they finally realize their missing ingredient just a second too late…And soon, all of your over-the-counter drugs will only be available by prescription and with proper I.D.

Life. No one said it wasn’t complicated.

[via CNN Money]

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