New York

I’m A Producer…Not!


The show I’m producing was all set to open this Sunday at 45 Bleecker.

I’d assumed it was a reputable theater, since a hit one-man show played there last year and this year, no less than Jerry Seinfeld directed Colin Quinn there in a show that’s now heading to Broadway.

But today I was told by an insider that “the theaters at 45 Bleecker have been possessed by the City Marshall due to a dispute with Rogers Investments NV LP, their landlord.

“As of last night, all shows at the space have been locked out.”

Both sides say they’re right, of course, but as they battle it out, my show — Perfect Harmony — is considering a move to Theater Row, which would actually be better.

And now I’m wondering if this is a message from God (who doesn’t exist) and I should stick to my computer or if I should stay with this thing as it moves onward and sideways.

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