Morning Links: Obama on MTV Today; EMTs Catch Hit and Run Menace; Queen Kills Christmas


• President Obama will take part in a youth town hall airing on BET, CMT and MTV today at 4 p.m. He’ll answer questions from an audience of “young people,” as well as 140-character queries sent in via Twitter, of course. Get ’em ready. [Chicago Sun-Times, MTV]

• The Chilean miners are all free. One has acute pneumonia and two need dental surgery, but the rest, according to doctors, seem to be in “satisfactory” condition — the main “health effect” they all shared was pale skin from being in the dark for 69 days. [NYP]

• AOL is considering buying Yahoo!. [WSJ]

• Two New York City EMTs have helped catch a hit-and-run driver in a gray Jeep who hit both a bicyclist and a woman in another car in two separate incidents in the West Village. Charges against the suspect are pending. [NYP]

• “Mall-terations,” a temporary public art exhibit on the Allen Street pedestrian malls, was unveiled yesterday. It features “five benches that turn on wheels like compasses, neighborhood maps, and historical timelines,” to celebrate the immigrant history of the LES. [The Lo-Down]

• Lincoln Center has bedbugs. [NBC NY]

• The Queen of England has stolen Christmas. Or at least, the royal Christmas party. Scrooge. [Telegraph]

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