New Brooklyn-D.C. Bus Will Completely Skip Manhattan


In what Brooklyn365 calls a “TRUE win for democracy,” the new Brooklyn-to-D.C. (or vice versa) bus run by the Knowit Express has decided to bypass bothering with Manhattan entirely and just go directly between Brooklyn (Park Slope, to be exact) and U Street in Washington D.C. Which means at least a half hour of savings in trip time, and the joy of not being subjected to Penn Station.

Apparently, this decision, which seems to confirm a certain Brooklyn social predominance (see also “Williamsburg” = “cool” in real estate) was made by actually listening to customers! Maybe “the Know It Express” isn’t such an annoying name after all. Now, if we only had cause to go to D.C….

Service starts October 22, with a.m. trips from U Street to Brooklyn and p.m. jaunts from Brooklyn to U Street. Tickets are $25 one-way and $45 round trip. Plus, wi-fi! On-board bike storage! Snacks! And the inevitable Missed Connections (“the ’80s style seat patterns matched your Trapper Keeper — and your haunting eyes. Tell me what I was wearing.”).

P.S., Manhattaners, don’t be sad: Shalonda Hunter from Know It told us they hope to add in a D.C. to Manhattan (only) service in November.

[via Brooklyn365]


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