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Spain Holds Most Awesome Contest Ever: Sleeping


Spain is facing a rather dire problem: The post-meal nap, a/k/a, siesta, is slowly going by the wayside on account of today’s jaundiced modern breakneck pace of life. Well, this must not happen! An organization called The National Association of Friends of the Siesta has stepped in to remedy the situation. By holding a sleeping contest.

Via Yahoo,

Contestants in groups of five are given 20 minutes lying on garish blue coaches and timed as to how much of that stretch they spend actually snoozing.

Points also given for the first person to fall asleep, the loudest snorer, the best original sleeping position, and the best dressed sleeper. Doctors check to see if the people are really asleep.

Top prize is 1,000 euros, or $1,410. The contest runs for nine days, so you have time to get over there. Jet lag FTW.


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