There Is A Short Play Tomorrow Night About Juggalo Zombies and Lady Gaga, Which We Apparently Inspired


Tomorrow night at the Bowery Poetry Club, there will be a short fourth-wall-dropping play entitled Gaga of the Dead, as part of the Blue Box Productions bar-performance series Sticky. The concept? According to curator Nick Job, this little number “is a zombie play in which the cure for undead blood-thirst is Lady Gaga’s music.” The finale? “A Thriller-esque dance sequence.” The brain-eating menace? Juggalos.

The inspiration? Apparently, this.

Or so that’s what Jobs wrote to tell us, that “Revenge of the Losers” inspired the Juggalo zombies–the crew is even using our photos for their make-up design. Sticky starts at 7:30 pm and costs $8. I will be there because how can I not be. P.S. I’m sorry?


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