Amanda’s “Big Top” Party Is Kaput!


My favorite weekly bash, Amanda’s Big Top at Carnival, has gone bust like an exploding water balloon.

It was the event where cute guys, fashiony types, and fabulous trannssexuals mixed to play carnival games, watch weird shows, and then perform druggy dance moves in the adjoining club room.

But I suspected it was all fizzling when a promoter there asked if I wanted “free game tickets” three weeks in a row and then disappeared all three times, leaving me to pay to throw rings on goldfish bowls.

Last night, Amanda Lepore accepted a Paper Nightlife Award for the event while telling the crowd that this past Wednesday’s was the last.

But Amanda told me they’re looking for another space to revive it at.

“Yeah, but it won’t be carnival,” I said, sadly.

“With our faces,” she replied, wisely, “it’ll be carnival.”