Fat Pants Friday: Birdbath Bakery’s Quinoa and Mango Cookie


When we stopped in at Birdbath Bakery’s New Museum outpost the other day to buy a hippie sandwich, the above concoction caught our eye. It looked like the slightly more virtuous sibling of the bakery’s chocolate-chip cookie, its smaller dimensions, quinoa grains, and protrusions of dried mango projecting the illusion of wholesomeness.

“Is it vegan? Gluten-free?” we asked the lady behind the counter. “Nope,” she said. “Just a regular cookie.” Sounded good to us.

And despite the addition of quinoa and dried fruit, the cookie is basically the bakery’s regular chocolate-chip cookie, with extra stuff. Meaning it tastes of delirious amounts of butter and brown sugar, and harbors numerous bittersweet chocolate chunks. The quinoa adds a bit of crunch and the mango a bit of tart sweetness. Crispy and chewy, the cookie isn’t as sturdy as its non-quinoa-enhanced antecedent, as the photo above suggests. Still, at $2.50 it makes an excellent and fairly substantial pick-me-up, and if you say “quinoa” and “mango” enough, you may be able to convince yourself you’re fulfilling some kind of dietary requirement.

Thanks to its smaller size (by Birdbath/City Bakery standards, at least), the cookie ranks only a pair of skinny jeans with the top unbuttoned. Which means there’s plenty of room left for the bakery’s other, fruity delights.

Birdbath Bakery at the New Museum
235 Bowery

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