Grant Achatz: Why Settle for Liquid Cocktails?


“We had the idea that cocktails were kind of stagnant. The trend in mixology, of course, is the speakeasy, and you have the bartender with the shirt stays and the vest. In the cocktail world, they’ve been looking to the past, back to the ’30s. And we said, Hey, we can look to the future. We’re starting with one simple question — What is a cocktail? — and ripping it apart and putting it back together. Does a cocktail have to be liquid? No. It doesn’t. Really the only rule for a cocktail in my mind is that it has to have an alcoholic component. Other than that it can be anything. It can be a solid, a semi-solid, it can be a liquid. It can be frozen, it can be hot. It can be both.” –Grant Achatz describes what to expect on the menu at Aviary, his forthcoming cocktail lounge, to Time Out Chicago

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