In Honor of Sunday’s Mad Men Finale, a Vintage Heinz Pickle Commercial


The fourth season of Mad Men ends this Sunday, and while the show really doesn’t have much do with food (its occasional references to canned ham and historic New York restaurants excepted), it’s certainly enhanced our appreciation and revulsion for the way food was advertised during that era.

Last week’s penultimate episode saw an increasingly desperate Don Draper all but begging a man from Heinz for his business, so to give you some idea of Heinz’s image during the ’60s, we present to you this 1965 commercial for Heinz pickles. It’s equal parts Are You Being Served? and Kill Bill, and cracked as all get-out. And on a side note, it possesses an eerie similarity to Take Out, the ultra-violent waitress revenge fantasy recently filmed at Paulie Gee’s.

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