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Here we are at last, the latter part of a Friday afternoon. And so it is time to gaze wistfully over our shoulder at the week that was:

In a two-part interview, Junoon’s Vikas Khanna talked about good Diwali eats, dishes he’ll serve at his new restaurant, and what foods he misses from his childhood in the Punjab.

Our 10 Best NYC Pizzerias, 2010 Edition.

Battle of the Hippie Sandwiches: Birdbath Bakery v. Peels.

Here’s a first look inside Foodparc….

…and the Hurricane Club.

Here’s 11 Canadian candies you can’t find south of the border.

And here’s oyster expert John Bil’s guide to buying and shucking oysters.

Where can I find the spiciest food in NYC?

Richard Boccato discusses the Cocktail Collective at Fourty-Four, why ice is hot, and the best old whiskey-and-beer joints in town.

McDonald’s Hong Kong will offer weddings, further evidence of the apocalypse.

A gallery of winter squashes, gourds, and pumpkins, now available at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Morning Joe‘s Willie Geist talks about strange meal times, the cruelty of children, and dining with Rick Sanchez.

William Greenberg‘s black and white cookies are just as good as you’ve heard.

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