Staten Island Murderer Apprehended in Israel


Eric Bellucci, the 30 year old Staten Island resident who fled to Israel after murdering his parents, was arrested by Israeli authorities today.

The Stuyvesant High School graduate and scholar-athelete stabbed his parents to death this week. Their bodies were found after Eric’s sister Vanessa called police when her parents didn’t come into work at their family’s medical business. The bodies were found in the home to the shock from neighbors that knew the family as “beautiful people”. But it seems that in most of the coverage of this story, those that knew the family well knew something this terrible was inevitable.
The Daily News interviewed family friend Grace Piccione who said:

“There was an incident a year ago, last August, when Eric attacked Marian, and she had to lock herself in the bathroom she was so scared,”

A private neighbor who asked to only go by Frank said to The Post:

“I am not surprised. If you were to tell me there was a murder on this block, I would assume it was Eric,” Frank said.

It seems that If you really knew Eric, you knew that this was coming in one way or another.
Eric was caught when he tried to purchase tickets at Tel Aviv Airport for Beijing. He was “recognized by a counter clerk after his credit card was rejected,” said Paul J. Browne, the chief Israeli police spokesman. Classic mistake of an overly confident runaway. Next time you should’ve just stayed put and enjoyed the land of milk and honey.

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