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Unhappy Hipsters Tumblr Likely for Book Deal and Laughs


Unhappy Hipsters will probably be the next tumblr to accomplish the goal of most Tumblrs–a lucrative book deal. The site pulls pictures from various design publications like Dwell magazine and captions them with pretentious, airy writing that perfectly rivals the captions of any New York City underclassman Facebook albums.

Each one of their short photo posts receives well over 50 notes (a measure of great success in the Tumblr world). Every Friday they also have “Foto Friday,” a weekly contest where readers send in an Unhappy Hipster-esque picture and the UH publisher captions it for them and posts it on the site. This audience participation is key in their success and will lead to an ever-growing fanbase.

Here are some favorite entries from the Tumblr so far:

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