What’s Left Out of Hilary Swank’s Conviction?


The new movie Conviction has Hilary Swank angling for a third Oscar while playing a real-life woman who put herself through law school just to get her brother, who was wrongly convicted, out of prison.

It’s a feel-good moment when she does so and you cheer that this poor man has finally been set free thanks to the love exuding from his double-Oscar-winning sister.

But what they leave out is that the brother died from a fall just a few months later!

After all the years of education and begging and finagling to get him out, the guy breathed some fresh air for a few months and dropped dead!

Life is so much more interesting than Hollywood sometimes makes it.

But I guess leaving that in the movie would ruin the happy ending and make it too…you know, real.

PS: They also leave out that he was 250 pounds!

(Still, the film ends with a shot of the real him — with his real sister — after their ordeal, and you can see what he looked like. Happy, basically.)

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