GOOD Friday: Kanye West, Pusha T and Friends Misbehave on “Take One for the Team”


It’s oddly appropriate, though almost certainly not intentional, that the week rumors started to spread about naked photos of Kanye West, he releases his raunchiest GOOD Friday track yet. Of course, he pretty much told us this was going to happen. “I sent this girl a picture of my dick,” he admitted on “Runaway.” Now we’re hearing it wasn’t just one girl, but a handful of women he met online and they’re looking to cash in. But Kanye always did know the dangers of social networking. “You know how girls on Black Planet be,” he rapped on “Get ‘Em High.” That was 2004.

Early on Saturday morning, after some overnight mixing, West released “Take One for the Team,” co-starring new GOOD fixture Pusha T, Keri Hilson (on a wailing bridge) and CyHi the Prince. It’s harsh and distorted, with lip-buzzing beatboxing, probably as a tribute to Doug E. Fresh. Though he has his ground troops in tow, Kanye is snarling hardest: “You know what? I figured out I’m not a nice guy.” Then he’s in confessional mode, but he’s almost screaming.

Things Kanye West hates: pictures of your kids, plastic couches, the smell of your house, the way your house makes him smell, the way you smell, and specifically Cool Water perfume. He also has some anger for the cucumber scent from Bath & Body Works.

Things Kanye West likes: Slick Rick.

Pusha T and CyHi are more than willing to follow their leader and play dirty. Perhaps it’s exhausting wearing suits all the time, because this one feel like an exercise in release.



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