Innocent Until Proven Post-y: Gross, Old NYC Boss Reamed for Sexual Harassment in Tabloid


In a court battle between “six young waitresses” and their “perverted, elderly, gnomelike boss,” whose side do you think the New York Post is on? Let’s go ahead and assume it’s not the “5-foot-5 banquet captain Mel Guzman, 71,” who is “between 20 and 45 years older than the plaintiffs.” The women contend that at classic New York City restaurant the University Club, at Fifth Avenue and 54th Street, they were subjected to “relentless sexual harassment.” He says they initiated the contact and hoped to meet him in the elevator. The newspaper, though, makes this man look very, very bad.

The Post quotes the plaintiff’s lawyer on the matter, bluntly:

“Six women do not schedule rendezvous in freight elevators and ask the man to grope their breasts, buttocks and private parts through their pantyhose.”

The old guy says the ladies “charged” cash, while the lawyer contends he “‘threw a few bills’ at them to further degrade them.” And though the alleged abuse occurred all the way back in 2005, the women remember some of Guzman’s come-ons. They are of the “you can’t make this stuff up” variety:

His pickup line? She said he told her, “My penis doesn’t work, but my mouth does.”

We’re no scholars of the law, but at least in Post-anese, this guy sounds fucked.

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