Three Million New York Homes Cannot Watch Baseball Because Fox Blacked Out Cablevision


Cablevision customers in the New York area lost their access to Fox 5 and My9 last night when the channel’s parent company News Corp. “pulled the plug” over contract disputes, CNN is reporting. The corporate jockeying may sound boring, but has very real effects for anyone hoping to watch Game 1 of the National League Championship Series, between the Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants, or Montel Williams’ Healthmaster at noon. Also, eventually the World Series, if the beef persists.

Via CNN:

“In a difficult economy, it is unfair and wrong for News Corp. to demand a huge fee increase from Cablevision customers for Fox’s Channel 5 and My9 — and then threaten to pull the plug if they don’t get what they want,” Cablevision said in a statement.

But Fox says it deserves the money for quality programming.

“Our position in these negotiations is entirely reasonable — we are simply asking for fair compensation for the value Fox5 and My9 programming offers,” Fox said.

No one wins here except the bar around the corner who will charge you $5 for a Budweiser, repeatedly, if you happen to like NL baseball.

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