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Even Meghan McCain Hates Christine O’Donnell


Political commentator, Dirty, Sexy Politics author and John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain likes to represent herself as some sort of down-home Republican realist — the young person shaking the wacky, old party crusties and screaming, “Gay people get to vote, too, you dummies!” Sunday on the ABC’s political wank hour This Week, McCain went after the Tea Party, specifically everyone’s favorite masturbation-hating witch Christine O’Donnell, who McCain said “is making a mockery of running for public office.”

Politico has the soundbites:

“She has no real history, no real success in any kind of business.”

McCain said that O’Donnell’s lack of experience sends the wrong message to her generation that “one day you can just wake and run for Senate, no matter how [much of] a lack of experience you have.”

“I just know, in my group of friends, it turns people off because she’s seen as a nut job,” McCain said.

“And it’s scary for me for a lot of reasons.”

It’s somewhat stunning that we have to pat Ms. McCain on the back for speaking truth to talking heads, but it is relatively maverick-y. All aboard the Straight Talk Express!

Meghan McCain: O’Donnell seen as ‘nut job’ [Politico via Daily Intel]


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