Sunday Evening Link Dump: R.I.P. to Barbara Billingsley and Bad News in Iraq


It feels a little like Fall outside in New York City and the news wires are mostly calm this Sunday evening. Football is dominating, as it tends to do this time of year, with the Jets on in Denver and the Giants holding on to beat Detroit, though Cablevision customers in the area missed all of the action. The Internet seems slow enough that you could take some time off the tubes to read this week’s New York Times Book Review, or just stare at the photo of Nicole Krauss. After the jump, we’ll run down a few of the day’s minor (not miner) or otherwise overlooked stories. Just try not to get punched by Justin Bieber on your way inside.

    • Barbara Billingsley, June Cleaver, America’s archetypal TV mom on Leave It to Beaver, passed away at the age of 94. Eat your vegetables in honor, or at least watch her translate Jive in Airplane! [CNN]


    • Carl Paladino may have responded to an email from a young gay man, slamming the gubernatorial candidate for his homophobic comments, by telling the guy to learn how to read. Other inflammatory emails followed, or this kid is an attention-seeking liar. Your call! [Gawker]
    • Russel Brand had sex with Kate Moss, which was apparently big tabloid news in Britain. Thankfully, he’s still mostly known as Katy Perry’s beau in the U.S., though his new “tell-all” autobiography probably seeks to change that. Of bedding Moss, Brand writes: “My heart pounding, of course, but also my liver and lungs and feet. Paul Simon thinks my vital organs may be a lost African tribe and considers recording a follow-up to ‘Graceland’ in my colon.” Meh. [NYP]
    • A bunch of U.S.-trained Sunni Muslims in Iraq have deserted their alliances to join Al Qaeda or are otherwise secretly aiding rebel groups. This in-depth report’s implications are too dark to get into, but it is a must-read. [NYT]


  • BMX rider and MTV host TJ Lavin is in a medical-induced coma after a failed stunt in Las Vegas, but is showing some signs of improvement. Best wishes to him. [People]

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