Dog Bites Chinese Delivery Man, Dog’s Accidental Death Ensues


Sick of being bombarded with those annoying takeout menus, three pit bulls fought back yesterday, reports the Daily News, and mauled a Chinese restaurant owner who was unlucky enough to go along on a menu-distributing outing. The dogs were taken away, and one of them, Joe, has died.

The man, Xiu Ming Li, lost his ear and had chunks of flesh ripped off. Ouch. The house did have a “Beware of Dog” sign, but his daughter, Shih Ru Li, said, “He doesn’t understand the concept of trespassing. He can’t read the sign.” Imagine having no idea what’s coming and and then having three pit bulls jump out of nowhere and viciously attack you! Ultimate nightmare for cynophobics everywhere.

Making the story sadder, one of the dogs has died while in police custody. Samantha Sing, the dogs’ owner, thinks Joe died because he was “hyped up” from the incident in which he presumably thought he was going after his master’s enemies. Sing said, “People were always trying to break in.”

We can’t really blame the dogs here; we hate those menus, too — always popping up under our doors or clogging our mailboxes. Not to mention the fact that you feel bad for the guy who was forced to deliver them all. And who’s using paper menus these days, anyway?

Still, anyone who’s ever played “Paperboy” knows the first rule of delivering anything is to stay the hell away from dogs. If Li played more Atari, maybe he could have avoided this whole accident in the first place.

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