Floyd Cardoz: Tabla’s Size Killed Tabla


Feast has an interesting interview with Floyd Cardoz in which the chef talks about what went wrong with Tabla, which is set to close on Dec. 30. Cardoz says that what went wrong with the 12-year-old Indian restaurant was its size: “we realized that we have a lot of seats to fill and we were not able to fill them consistently.”

While the economy also played a part in Tabla’s demise (“the way our cost structure is, we knew that somewhere down the road there was a possibility that we may have to close”), Cardoz says that the bottom line is that a “three hundred seat fine-dining Indian restaurant will never work.” That said, there’s still hope that Tabla may be re-born in some (smaller) form; although the Union Square Hospitality Group, Tabla’s owner, hasn’t targeted a particular neighborhood, Cardoz promises that the “many thousands of people who love us… will find us.”

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