Morning Links: First NY Governor’s Debate Tonight; Super Typhoon Hits Phillippines; Teachers Fired for Inappropriate Facebooking


• A sure-to-be-fun (and perhaps the only) debate among New York’s seven gubernatorial candidates — including Andrew Cuomo, Carl Paladino, Charles Barron of the Freedom Party, former “Manhattan Madam” Kristen Davis, Howie Hawkins of the Green Party, Jimmy McMillan of the “Rent Is 2 Damn High” Party, and Warren Redlich of the Libertarian Party — will take place tonight at Hofstra University. [CBS]

• Cuomo has 59 percent of likely voters, according to a New York Times poll, to Paladino’s 24 percent. When asked to describe Paladino, voters used words like “angry,” “bigoted,” and “obnoxious.” [NYT]

• A super typhoon, Megi, has hit the Phillippines and may later hit Vietnam, where flooding has already caused 30 recent deaths. [NPR]

• A rabies outbreak in Bali has killed 100. [Yahoo]

• A senior NATA official says that Osama bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, are hiding out in northwest Pakistan, close to each other, and in relative comfort — not in caves. Pakistan denies protecting al Qaeda members. [CNN]

• A Manhattan bicyclist alleges that an off-duty cop pointed a gun at him when he tapped on the driver’s window to alert him to his presence. Police are investigating. [NYDN]

• The Department of Education has fired at least three teachers for inappropriate contact with students on Facebook, including sexy messages, kissing pics, and other creepiness. So far, there’s no policy that addresses the issue — although apparently there should be. [NYP]

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