New York

MTA Now Causing Upper East Side Fly Swarms, Allegedly


Hey, here’s a new thing to blame on the MTA: Owners of businesses near the worksite of the Second Avenue subway are saying that dirty, lunch-leaving construction workers are attracting flies to the Upper East Side, with swarms now everywhere along the path of the subway-to-be, reports the Post. The MTA denies being the cause of the problem — although they do admit they’re the cause of other problems.

“While we are cognizant of issues that businesses along Second Avenue are facing as a result of construction, flies is not one of them,” said agency spokesman Kevin Ortiz. “There is no connection between flies and construction work.”

Of course, a surge in flies may just be the sign of a coming apocalypse — we’ve sighted them downtown, too! — and have nothing to do with the subway, or lack thereof.

Nah, let’s blame it on the MTA.


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