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Press Clips: There’s Room for Everyone on Brett Favre’s Penis, But Not the NY Observer’s Media Beat | Village Voice


Press Clips: There’s Room for Everyone on Brett Favre’s Penis, But Not the NY Observer’s Media Beat


The New York Observer news can’t stop, won’t stop. The New York Times and David Carr discover The Joy of Cock-ing. The Daily Beast/Newsweek honeymoon is over before it starts. Vogue strikes a nerdy pose. Press Clips, Day 13, Happy Monday Hour edition,, right here.

Turn, Turn, Turner (or “Memories of a Media Mob”): On Thursday, we learned that the New York Observer had hired Caucasian male Nick Summers to lead their media coverage in John Koblin’s place. Some felt that Zeke Turner — who had been on the media beat with Koblin for a few months, now — had been passed over for a gig he was primed for. Well, Observer editor Kyle Pope just Tweeted out that Turner had been moved from the Media desk to the Real Estate desk as his cover story from this week’s Observer on new Page Six editor Emily Smith is still sitting on newsstands. Turner’s been a media reporter for Mediaite, and has done media items for Daily Intel at New York. Why make this guy a real estate reporter? Oh, that’s right: because a few weeks ago, Eliot Brown, and last week, Dana Rubinstein — both the prime Observer real estate reporting talent — jumped ship. So it doesn’t sound like he had much of a choice, now, does it! Meanwhile, rumors that the Observer editorial bullpen is now starting to literally resemble the set of an Under Armor commercial are patently and obviously untrue. Those young men about as diverse in color as Jared Kushner’s veneers.

Koblin’s Memo Pad Premiere: And speaking of John Koblin, his first Memo Pad item ran this morning.

David Carr Calls NYT Into the “PEN15” Formation: Carr’s Monday Media Meditation this week focuses in on Deadspin’s now-infamous cock-shots of Brett Favre. The notoriously prudish paper probably had a blast editing lines about how he wishes he could “unsee” both Favre’s penis and the “inner workings of modern media.” Must be rough having to sit that close to Jill Abramson every day. [PUPPIES!] Meanwhile, Gawker Media chief press caricature/publisher Nick Denton responds:

What feels dirtier: Agreeing with Denton, or looking at Favre’s penis? The beauty of The Internet is that the choice is yours

R.I.P. The Daily Newsbeast Car & Home Audio Specialists: Working at Newsweek must feel like, I don’t know, this:

Hope is so elusive. Tina Brown shut down talks today of The Daily Beast and Newsweek combining their powers Voltron-style to form godknowswhat, as they are apparently done playing footsie. Brown wrote that “The engagement was fun but the pre-nup got too complex.” Whatever, Tina. If it can work for Barry and Diane, you and the ghettoblaster mogul can obviously nail it down. No doubt, this stupid, Great Pumpkin-like rumor which wasn’t even so great to begin with will somehow manage to persist.

The Vogue Tumblr: Lamé? Vogue is the latest publication to get a Tumblr. Choire Sicha at The Awl is cheerfully pessimistic. I am mope-ily nonplussed. How do you feel about this issue Vogue would judge you for feeling anything about to begin with?

That’s all for tonight! Press Clips will see you bright and early tomorrow morning. This one goes out to the cockshot-callers:

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