Racist Fox News Ignoramus Brian Kilmeade Clarifies Extent to Which He Is an Ignoramus (Video)


When moments like the time that Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade called all terrorists Muslims — which is both racist and also factually incorrect by a long shot — actually do happen on Fox News, the surprising thing isn’t that they happened. It’s that sometimes, apologies can follow.

Via Media Matters, please watch Brian Kilmeade of Fox News’ brainsucking morning gabfest Fox & Friends — which is basically Regis & Kelly and paint-huffing with your morning coffee — saying some racist shit:

Now, via Media Matters, please watch Brian Kilmeade of Fox News’ pre-noon orgy of stupidity, Fox & Friends — which is basically The View with less emasculation, slightly more misogyny, and glue huffing — clarify the fact that he was saying some racist shit:

Mind you, the following organizations sit in the front row of the White House Press Room with the Fox News Network:
  • NBC News
  • CBS News
  • The Associated Press
  • ABC News
  • Reuters
  • and CNN.

The closest any of these networks gets to CNN is Rick Sanchez calling Jon Stewart an elitist Jew, which he got fired for, or Lou Dobbs and the Birther Movement, which he was basically fired for as well. Fox News will not fire Brian Kilmeade, because Brian Kilmeade is a World Class Assclown, which makes for great, uncomplicated, facts-be-damned television that Fox News’ viewership has come to know and love. This might be the only news organization in the world where your primary obligation to your viewership isn’t facts or, in an instance like this, compassion, but to clarify the level of latently racist shit you said in the event they were confused by it.

These people are among the world of media’s worst.

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