Someone Finally Cleaned the Silent Barn Bathroom


After CBGB’s unspeakably vile bathroom went the way of the rest of the erstwhile punk venue, the truly immortally foul New York rock bathrooms mostly moved east, across the river, taking up unfortunate new residence in Williamsburg’s myriad concert/communal living spaces. Perhaps not surprisingly, the most trafficked ones have tended to be the most vile: Glasslands, the Market Hotel, and perhaps worst of all, the Silent Barn. Luckily (for us, that is), some desperate videographer so desperately needed a place to shoot a music video last week that he agreed to clean the Silent Barn’s ancient, flypaper-riddled bathroom in exchange for being able to shoot there. “Years of being shipped against my will to cut-rate sleepaway camps where my quiet and chubby nature had relegated me to the position of ‘latrine swabber’ had prepared me well for this moment,” writes Matthew Caron. Then he posted the video:

Note the noble equanimity with which Caron works, even when he encounters some particularly gnarly used floss in the shower. “I feel like we’re vacuuming the floor of the Amazon rainforest,” he says at one point. And we thank him for his efforts. Perhaps Glasslands can strike a similar deal?:


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