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The Daily Meal Launches | Village Voice


The Daily Meal Launches


To the already very crowded food site universe, we can now add another: today, World Wide Interweb birthed The Daily Meal.

TDM counts Colman Andrews as its editorial director. Andrews, a co-founder of Saveur, cookbook author, and former Ruth Reichl paramour, recently published a biography of Ferran Adria that received a rather hilarious lashing in the Times. The ambition reportedly on display in that book is visible on the Web site as well: Its mission, Andrews proclaims,

is nothing less than to cover every aspect of the eating and drinking experience: restaurants (and street food, and joints), chefs, trends, cookbooks, wine and spirits (and beer and coffee), healthy dining, not-so-healthy dining, kitchen tools, home entertaining, food-oriented travel–and of course cooking. Our robust customized recipe database returns ranked results from a treasury of top sites (chosen and vetted by our editors) supplemented with original Daily Meal recipes, a glossary of food terms, and a catalogue of kitchen basics.

Right now, that translates to posts about –among other things — 15 Exciting Restaurant Openings, the Country’s Best Hangover Cures, a Chris Cosentino recipe for beef hearts, and the World’s Healthiest Cuisines. Everything is accompanied by a slideshow, so that many of the stories don’t read as stories so much as introductions with embellished captions.

Time will tell how or if the site evolves, but if nothing else, the Daily Meal has given us something else to digest.


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