Timi’s Gelateria Is Now Open on St. Marks Place


To everyone coping with the sci-fi frozen dessert void created by the recent closure of Lulu & Mooky’s, take heart: Timi’s Gelateria opened today on St. Marks Place. And though it isn’t offering ice cream birthed with liquid nitrogen, it is pushing gelato made by robots.

Per a press release from the company, which is based in Italy and has outposts in China, Mexico, and Romania, the gelato is made with “a revolutionary system called Ecodos” that “robotically create[s]” all of the flavors. How it does this exactly isn’t explained, although it involves uploading the recipes from Italy, where they’re designed by “gelato experts from the Veneto region.”

As is to be expected, the release also claims that Timi’s ingredients are local, the milk is hormone-free, and, naturally, everything is artisanal. The shop is further pushing its green credentials with furniture made from recycled wood, tables fashioned from sea salt, and walls comprised of nonpareils sprinkles.

In addition to serving gelato, the place also houses a mozzarella bar and Lavazza café. When we walked by earlier this afternoon, workers were putting the finishing touches on the space, ensuring that for all the talk about robotics, humans were involved in its genesis.

37 St. Marks Place


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