8th and Broadway, Right Now: Gary Busey, Lil’ Jon, and Jose Canseco, Serving Pizza


One can only imagine how Donald Trump’s “Negative Contributions to Society” list compares to his “Positive Contributions to Society” list, but mark one down for the former. Evidence?

Yes, Lil’ Jon, Gary Busy, and Jose Conseco are all serving pizza right now for an episode of Celebrity Apprentice at the Famiglia pizza on 8th and Broadway. Via The Daily What, Gothamist, and Snoop Dogg’s Twitter, here is Lil’ Jon:

They will be there for Ten. More. Minutes. Go, now, and tape yourself trying to order “Some Juice” from Canseco, please.

Update: Intern Myles presents on-scene photography that Rich — of country duo Big & Rich — was also on the scene with Lil’ Jon and Co:

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