Bia Garden Is Closing After All, But Will Reopen as Chinito


Remember earlier this summer when we uncovered a real estate listing for the space currently occupied by Michael “Bao” Huynh’s Bia Garden? At the time, Huynh denied he was closing the restaurant, saying he was just testing the real estate market. Then, a few months later when another listing for the space was uncovered, he again claimed to be just dipping a toe in the real estate waters. And now, Bia is closed.

According to Eater, Bia has officially shuttered, with plans to reopen as Chinito, a beer garden-slash-Asian taqueria. Sure, we buy that the place is being reinvented. But we’re pretty sure the excuse for repeatedly listing the space is baloney. Asian tacos, of course, are all the rage and it will be interesting to see what Huynh does with them here. But we won’t be shocked if and when he gives up the Orchard Street spot altogether.

Oh, and according to Bowery Boogie, the space is still listed for $150,000 of key money and $6,500 per month. Testing the waters, indeed.


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