Cliff Lee in Pinstripes (or “How The Yankees Will Deal With Last Night’s Loss”)


A Reuters article today entitled “Lee makes himself more enticing for Yankees” notes that Texas Rangers southpaw Cliff Lee — who delivered the New York Yankees a brutal slaying last night — is looking more and more enticing to the 2009 World Series Champion Team, and that the Yankees can and will convince anyone to sell their soul to our city. Yes, even Texans.

Just ask Alex Rodriguez! Or Andy Pettitte! Or any of the other great players we’ve managed to steal from The Lone Star State. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas, especially the appetite to come to New York, make more money, and play for and with The Biggest Assholes in Professional Sports, a title and tradition we’re proud to continue to maintain in good standing. Thus, please enjoy this simulated picture of Cliff Lee in Yankees pinstripes:

You know what sucks about being a Yankees fan? Nothing.

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