Drag Star Gives Middle Finger to Logo’s A-List


Sweetie, a longtime staple of drag performing in this town, thinks Logo’s reality show The A-List: New York is Z-list.

As Sweetie wrote on Facebook:

“LOGO’s The A-List: New York is about the saddest portrayal of mincing Marys I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

“The only redeeming quality is the presence of Mike Ruiz, who try as he might to bring some legitimacy to the project, cannot save this awful, awful embarrassment to gays everywhere.

“This is what you DON’T want representing queers right now! This show actually makes my skin crawl.

“I know this will not make me any friends at LOGO, but why are they promoting that kind of nonsense and to my knowledge have made no attempt to address the bullying situation that is killing our gay youth?

“Where are their PSA’s starring the media whores of A-List. You can’t tell me those queens weren’t tortured in high school for their shitty demeanors…much less their sexuality.”

Well, if the straights can have their Real Housewives and Jersey Shore, aren’t gays entitled to some mindlessness too?

Still, it was certainly nice when Logo had a daily news program that could balance things by actually addressing serious issues.

And there a lot of them right now!

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