Gay Men Seek Validation to Compensate for Their Shame!


So says Alan Downs, Ph.D in his new book, The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man’s World.

Writes Debbie Downer Downs, “Our houses become showplaces that elicit kudos from all who enter.

“Our bodies become chiseled in muscle, pleasing our bedroom guests.

“We work to become wealthy so that we can take regular and exotic excursions around the world that bring us excitement and worldly sophistication that is recognized and adored by other wealthy travelers….

“And, of course, we include sex in our search for validation.”

Are you down with Downs?

Are gays angling to get approval from others because they feel badly about themselves, or could that describe every human on earth?

I can’t really comment since I obviously missed the “get chiseled, travel the world, and make your home a showplace” memo you get when you come out.

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