Like Tabla, Le Cirque Is Also Having Size Issues


Are the days of restaurant bloat numbered? A day after Floyd Cardoz said that Tabla’s large size was more or less the reason for the restaurant’s closure, Sirio Maccioni has offered the Post more proof that bigger is not always better.

The Le Cirque owner told Steve Cuozzo that he’s looking for a 60- to 80-seat space for his restaurant, which moved into its current cavernous location in 2006. That space, Maccioni said, is “too big,” and that business is “all right, not great.”

Or perhaps he didn’t: Eater received an e-mail from Maccioni’s son Mauro claiming that his father was misquoted, and that they’re looking for a space for a new “Sirio concept” rather than Le Cirque. For his part, Cuozzo maintains his story’s accuracy.


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