Maury Rubin: There May Be ‘a Few More’ Birdbaths to Come in 2011


If all goes according to plan, Third Avenue will be getting its Birdbath Bakery outpost by December — and it will likely be followed by a few more in 2011.

Maury Rubin, Birdbath’s owner, tells us that he’s “counting on” the bakery’s Third Avenue location (known within the company as “Birdbath Dorm” because of its location in NYU’s Alumni Hall) opening sometime in December. Though he’d hoped it would be open by now, the project’s schedule has in part been dependent on that of NYU; Rubin should have a better idea of the opening date following a meeting with the school next week.

For those keeping count, Birdbath Dorm will be the third Birdbath opening this year, following outposts in the New Museum and Tribeca (which the company refers to as “Birdbath Alto”). Once the company has completed this year’s openings and made it through the holiday season — Rubin notes that this is the first full fall and holiday season for the Vesuvio location, which is “by itself a small mountain of work” — then Rubin expects that 2011 will see “a few more” Birdbath locations. There’s no word yet on where; stay tuned.

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